Georgia State Senate Receives Repeat Visit From IEC Contractor, Tom LeMay

Tom LeMay of LeMay Electric testified before the Georgia State Senate Research Committee on behalf of the Contractors in the Electric Industry.  Along with Mr. Jerry Hayes of United Electric Company, Mr. LeMay once again shared pivotal points on the topic of employee misclassification.  In 2014, Mr. LeMay presented the contractor position on this topic for a previous Bill that did not pass.   Instead the resolution was to research the issue further, which brought Mr. LeMay back to the podium.

Employee misclassification affects all industries across the board.  Misclassified workers treated as independent contractors instead of employees don’t receive unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance is nonexistent, taxes aren’t withheld, social security is not contributed to and the employer doesn’t follow the rules imposed by Obamacare.  This gives the employers who misclassify workers a competitive advantage compared to those who do properly classify workers.

It is a treasure to work with IEC contractors such as Tom LeMay.  His willingness to advocate on behalf of IEC membership is admirable.  As the research committee looks deeper into the impact employee misclassification has on the electrical industry specifically, IEC will keep members updated.  There should be recommendations before the beginning of the next session.  

IEC Member Tom LeMay Testifies Before GA House Sub-Committee

AdvocacyAtWorkTom LeMay, owner of LeMay Electric and IEC Executive Director Niel Dawson, attended a hearing on House Bill 500 March 3rd.  HB 500 confronts the issue of misclassifications of workers as sub-contractor vs. employee, which Mr. LeMay feels passionate about.  So passionate that he also stepped forward to testify on behalf of HB500 before the Industry and Labor Committee.

 Mr. LeMay approached the issue with focus and exactness, describing how the act of misclassifying workers, puts contractors who operate within the licensing laws at a disadvantage; compared to those who work through loop holes.  Classifying your workers as sub-contractors allows companies who should pay into FICA, unemployment insurance, taxes and workers comp, to avoid the costs.  Classifying employees as sub-contractors is a violation of licensing law and contractor/ employee agreement.  The bill more clearly defines when a worker is employee vs. a sub-contractor based on 7-point criteria.  Here’s HB 500. 

The bill unanimously passed out of committee and now moves on to the Rules Committee for review.  If it passes the Rules Committee it will go to the full House Floor for consideration.

IEC’s Advocacy allows members to partner and move forward as the voice of the contractor.  That is the great thing about this organization.  IEC is made up of different contractors and partners with different strengths to contribute to applicable causes.  March 3rd represented the strength of Tom LeMay, and a fight for fair ground to do business, tomorrows battle may hit you even closer, but you won’t stand alone.  You will stand with IEC.

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